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Lolita Cp

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 Lolita Cp 00:21:17 -0400 (Eastern Standard Time)From: earl bailey Subject: Doubly GoodDoubly GoodChapter 4This continues to be a work of fiction. The usualdisclaimers apply. I wish to thank everyone for the verynice response to the story and the encouragement tocontinue.All comments are greatly appreciated! Send them tobeetlencol.netTHE TRIP IS ON!The day finally got here! I got to admit I am as excited asthe boys to go. I have good memories of the area and thehotel and am looking forward to a very happy time.We have an afternoon flight to Paris and then we are takingthe train from there to Nice and then on to San Remo.The taxi arrived and you would think we were movingresidences, with the amount of luggage we had. We got tothe airport and went through all the new securityregulations and check points that are now required. Moveddown the tunnel to our boarding area and waited. Our flightwas called and we boarded into the first class section.Chad and Kevin sat together and Brad sat with me. All theboys were chatting at each other like magpies. I must admittheir enthusiasm was catching. We were soon airborne andon our way. Not too long into the flight, our meal wasserved and we each enjoyed a fair meal. Must admit,nothing like I could prepare, but acceptable. We were due inParis shortly after midnight. It did not take long for theheadphones to go on and everyone settled in for a time ofquiet. The steward came by and offered us a blanket and apillow, which I accepted, as I planned to take a nap beforewe got there. I threw the blanket over myself and stretchedout, closed my eyes and was soon asleep. After beingasleep for a bit, I awoke to find Brad snuggled close to meand his hand was doing some exploring and had found itstarget and I had a raging hard on! I quickly looked about tosee if anyone else was watching and everything appearedquiet. I leaned over close to him and said "this is not a verygood place to do this. What if I cum?""Oh, I have some paper towels for you to shoot in!"So saying he took my very hard dick out of my shorts andbegan to stroke it in earnest. The feeling of his Lolita Cp smooth boyhands moving up and down my dick, ignited fires deepwithin and I could feel the juices beginning to boil. I thinkhe could sense it as well, because he began to pick upspeed and I whispered very softly into his ear "fixing tocum!" He promptly moved the towels near my dick just intime to catch the load as I shot. When I was finished, helooked around for a moment and quickly bent over andlicked the head clean. Then straightened up and got up andwith a ball of paper towels in his hand moved to dispose tothem.Becoming very satisfied, I turned over and was soon backasleep. Seems as if it were only a few minutes and we werelanding in Paris. We caught a taxi from Lolita Cp the airport to thetrain station. We were early and some time before the trainarrived at the station. So we decided to get a light snackwhile waiting.The train soon arrived and we went out to board. I hadreserved a sleeping compartment for the four of us. It wasaround 1 a.m. when we left Paris. The compartment wasvery nice with 4 bunk beds. The bottom two being wherethe seats were located and pulled down from the back of theseat. When the train left the station, we sat for a shortperiod watching the night time countryside fly by. Then itwas time for some sleep. Everyone got undressed and gotready for bed in their usual state of attire - NOTHING! Asthe compartment was so small, we kept rubbing up againsteach other and it wasn't long before, some boy dicks werestanding up. Noting this, I told the boys we did not have thetime for this tonight, there would be plenty of time for thiswhen we got there and we very much needed to sleep now.With a dejected "aw Bill" and a look of total despair, theyeach climbed into their bunks and were soon sound asleep.We arrived in San Remo and got a taxi to our hotel. Wearrived at the hotel in safety, finally.(if you have ever riddena taxi in Italy, you know what I mean!) When we walked inthe front door and the conciercege had taken our luggage,the boys came to a complete stop. Their mouths were openand their eyes wide and were trying to look everywhere atonce. And all they could say was "wooooooooooow". Yesthe Hotel des Etrangere had retained its quiet elegance.Chandeliers and dark finished woods were everywhere inthe lobby. We were taken to our suite, which was just anextension of the lobby. We had two bedrooms and a sittingarea. The boys had seen an arcade downstairs off the lobbyand wanted to go back down. I let them go and told themwhat time to be back.I stretched out for a bit, opened the bar and got some wineand had a glass. After relaxing for a bit, I began to get allthe luggage arranged, so that when they came back up, wecould unpack. I was stretched out on the couch, when Iheard the door open and a "Bill, we're back" from Chad.They bounced into the room, with two more boys with them."Bill, this is Anthony and Mark, two guys we met at thearcade" Brad advised me. I put out my hand and said tothem "hello, guys. How are you doing?"*** A little descriptive break! Anthony was 13 and slenderbuild with ice blue eyes and Mark was 11 and the sameexcept he had green eyes. Both had Lolita Cp extremely blond hair.I learned that they were both from Norway. And were hereon vacation also with their Dad."Can we invite them to dinner with us?" both boys seemedto chime in unison."We don't know what their father's schedule is."Anthony piped up and said " I will call him and see if it's allright". So saying he picked up the phone and dialed theirroom. After talking with his Dad for a bit, he looked at meand told me that his Dad wanted to talk with me! He wasconcerned that the boys would be a burden. Then I said tohim, "why don't we all have dinner together". He agreed,that sounded like a great idea. I made reservations for usfor dinner and the boys went to their rooms to get ready andAnthony and Mark left to go to their room as well, agreeingthat we would all meet downstairs at dinner time.After everyone was ready, we proceeded to the dining areaand met the other boys and their Dad. They introduced hisas Rod. The maitre de escorted us to our table and signaledthe waiters. We selected the piece of meat we wantedprepared for our meal. Then we sat and became acquaintedand the boys were chatting with each other in a veryanimated fashion. We finished out meal plus an exquisitedessert. Rod and I ordered a cognac(Martell's Cordon Bleu).We sat enjoying our drink and the boys wanted to go back tothe room. So we both agreed and they told us that theywould all be in our room. We took our time enjoying thisspecial cognac. I signed the check, with Rod promising hewould get the next one. We then returned to my room.When I opened the door, the door to the bedroom was flungopen at the same time and out ran a very naked Mark(whosehard dick was bouncing against his belly) followed by anequally naked Kevin with a very hard dick also. Who cameto a screeching halt when they saw us. There was a fewmoments of awkward silence! Then Rod said "perhaps Ishould explain this. At home we do not wear clothes. Andwe are a very open family about sex""Oh," I exclaimed "we have the same thing at our house".By this time everyone was in the sitting area. Of course,Brad and Chad and Anthony were naked as well. I explainedto Rod that we were all gay and enjoyed having sextogether. To which he replied "so are we"! I was totallystunned. I had never expected to find another group like usany where in the world and now here I was standing in thesame room with us.I looked around the room and saw that Anthony was playingwith his dick, which was half hard. Looked like he mighthave around 5" hard and had some hair around his dick, butthe rest of him was completely smooth. And Mark had notlost his hard on, his was standing tall at around 3" andcompletely smooth. Kevin had moved over next to Mark andsaid "isn't he real cute?" And was rubbing Mark's buns withhis hand. Lolita Cp Mark seemed to like this and moved closer to him.He reached out and took Kevin's dick in his hand and beganto stroke him.Anthony moved across the room towards me and reacheddown and grabbed my hardening dick through my shorts andsaid "this is what I want right here"! And the more herubbed, the harder I got.Rod moved over to Brad and Chad and looking them bothover said "I can't decide which of Lolita Cp you two cuties I want.""Take us both" Chad piped up. So saying he and Brad movednext to Rod and began rubbing his dick and balls through hisshorts.I looked at Rod and told him we needed to join everyoneelse and get undressed. He nodded his head and we almosttore our clothes off, getting undressed so quickly.Mark was on his knees in front of Kevin licking his balls andhis hard dick. Licking him up and down slowly, wanting tomake the flavor last longer. Kevin was softly moaning at thepleasure he felt. Then Mark slowly ran his tongue all aroundthe head of Kevin's dick and took it into his mouth. Suckingonly on the head and running his tongue around it at thesame time. And he had Kevin's balls in his hand rubbingthem softly. Then in one quick move, he took all of Kevininto his mouth and began to slowly suck.Meanwhile, Anthony had moved over to me and I pulled himto me and kissed him softly on his lips as our bodies becamemeshed together. How wonderful to feel his smooth teenbody tight next to mine and his hard boy dick pushing intome, as our hands found each others buns and began rubbingthem. We dropped onto the floor and Anthony switchedaround and took my dick into his mouth and started sucking.And his hot looking boy dick was right in my face, so Iquickly sucked all of him into my mouth. I moved one handto his ass and began massaging his hole with my finger.Then I slid one finger in and began sliding it in and out of hisass. Finger fucking him while I sucked on his dick. Anthonywas good, it did not take him long to bring me to the brinkand I could feel my juices getting ready to explode. Ipushed my ass into his Lolita Cp face, as my dick exploded with jetsof cum into his mouth. I shot so much that he couldn't takeall of it and Lolita Cp some ran down his mouth. Just as I wasfinishing up, I felt his ass tighten on my finger and my mouthwas filled with his hot boy dick squirting his sweet cum intomy mouth. We both sucked and licked each other clean.And lay back for a bit to catch our breaths.Brad and Chad had wasted no time. Rod was laying on thefloor and Chad was sitting on him with Rod's dick in his assbeing Lolita Cp fucked. And Lolita Cp Brad was sitting on Rod's face, and Rodwas tongue fucking him. Then Brad turned around andplaced his dick in Rod's mouth, fucking his face. Chad wasbouncing up and down on Rod trying to get all of his dickinto his ass. The all of a sudden Chad sat up straight andshot cum over Brad's back and Rod's belly. When his asstightened around Rod's dick as he was cumming, causedRod to go over the top and he filled Chad with his cum.Then Brad arched his body and filled Rod's mouth with hisboy cum. They all fell to the floor exhausted.Mark was still sucking on Kevin when Anthony got up andmoved behind Kevin and spread his buns and began lickinghis hole. Which prompted Kevin to moan loudly "OMGYESSSSSSSSSS LICK IT GOOD" "ANTHONY FUCK ME, IWANT YOU IN ME!" Anthony then moved up and pushed hishard dick into Kevin and began fucking him as Markcontinued sucking. I moved up behind Mark and beganlicking his buns all over and then spread them apart andbegan licking up and down his crack, until I got to his holeand stuck my tongue in and tongue fucked him. I reachedaround the front of him and grabbed his little cock in myhand and began stroking. We were all moving in somethingclose to the same rhythm. Then Mark went rigid andmoaned something around Kevin's dick as he kept sucking.Apparently Mark's moaning had a trigger and Kevin shot hisload into Mark's mouth, it was so much that he couldn'thandle it and ran down his chin! But Mark was trying to getit all. Lolita Cp Then he licked Kevin clean. Then with a loud"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'MCUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING" Anthony filled Kevin with hishot boy cum.Then there was quiet in the room as everyone was takingsome time to relax and catch their breath as much aspossible.We went to the bar and got something cold to drink. Andfound places to sit and rest.Rod explained that he and his boys had been having sexever since they were 8 and 6. And we were the first onesthey had ever found to have a group thing with. Usually itwas only one. And how much he loved what had justhappened.I reinforced what he had just said and told him, that we hadonly been going for a short time. But how much we enjoyedeach other.And we both agreed this would be a fun filled two weeks!And how happy that we had met each other."Yeah, Rod, why don't you just stay in our room and we canall enjoy each other whenever we want to do so"! Chad said.Rod agreed and would check out of his room Lolita Cp tomorrow andmove in with us and we would get an extra bed for the suite.It would be a little more expensive, but the pleasure wouldmake it very worth while. They brought the bed up in ashort while.Rod suggested that we have something like a houseboy,that would take care of all the time we were there. So wegot the hotel send up some for us to consider. Afterinterviewing them all, we decided on this young guy thatwas 14 and petite. With dark hair and dark eyes and fromwhat we could see a smooth olive complexion. So webrought him in and sat down with him and explained that wedid not wear clothes in the room. "No problem" he said inhalting English. Then I asked the pivotal question "how doyou feel about guys having sex together?" "That would beall right as long as both agree!" he replied. So we hired him.As we told him he had a job with us, 5 naked boys camebouncing into the room and introduced themselves to him.He acknowledged their names with wide brown eyes andopen mouth. He couldn't take his eyes Lolita Cp off them. Lolita Cp He told ushis name was Guiseppe, but everyone called him G. I couldtell he would fit right in with us!So we prepared for the first night together. Anthony camewith me to my room. Kevin and Mark went to the bed in thesitting room. And Rod and Brad and Chad to the otherbedroom. We had paired off with the ones we wanted fornow. G took the couch.I could see two weeks of pure pleasure ahead of us. Butalso wondering what my sister would think when she cameto visit and all these naked people running around. Oh well,that's the future, going to enjoy now. So thinking, I pulledAnthony close and we headed for the bedroom and..................... (You fill in the blanks for tonight) I'm justgoing to enjoy Anthony!Let me know if you want more!Love a boy today and hold him close. He is a special gift toyou - protect him and love him!Love to you all!Waynebeetlencol.net
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